Daley's Lawyer Wants Officer Tested for Steroids


Posted 06 Oct 2010

ORLANDO, Fla. (WOFL, FOX 35) - The lawyer for a man whose neck was broken in an encounter with the Orlando Police Department wants the officer involved tested for steroid use.

The request was made in an email sent by attorney Mark NeJame to Orlando Police Chief Val Demings.

NeJame is representing Dan Daley the 84 year old man who is still hospitalized with a broken neck that happened when he tangled with Orlando Police Officer Travis Lamont last month in a dispute over his car being towed.

Lamont is accused of using excessive force to take down Daley. The officer said Daley was intoxicated and being threatening.

According to the email sent by NeJame, Daley's injuries were caused by force that was unjustifiable and violent.

"Officer Lamont's erratic, sporadic and aggressive behavior strongly suggests that he may have been under the influence or affected by the use of steroids," NeJame wrote.

Chief Demings defended her officer and said demanding a test from the officer would violate his rights.

"Other than your bare assertion of erratic behavior, there is no record, fact or evidence to support your claim that the officer was under the influence of steroids," she wrote in a letter to NeJame.

Source: MyFox Orlando