Ditto, Dr. Phil: "That is So Wrong"

By Michelle A. Bart, Helping Heroes 2008
Posted September 23, 2008 | 10:12 AM (EST)

George, Cinfy and Caylee AnthonyOrlando, FL - "That is so wrong," said Dr. Phil on his show today referring to the unbelievable actions of the ongoing behaviors of the so-called protesters at the Anthony's home in Florida. If they didn't have enough to contend with, the constant scrutiny, anger, and hate being thrown [sometimes even literally like pennies thrown into windows and shirts torn] towards George and Cindy Anthony not to mention their daughter Casey, is not only appalling, its inhumane.

George and Cindy are doing everything they can to find their beautiful granddaughter but yet the public wants to crucify them just as much as the world is attacking their daughter Casey Anthony. In today's Dr. Phil's episode, it was clearly stated by Lisa Bloom (a legal analyst), Jessica D'Onafrio (a reporter, Orlando's channel6), and Mark NeJame (Anthony's attorney) that George and Cindy are doing everything humanly possible to help with the search for their 3-year old granddaughter Caylee Anthony. Despite callers to CNN's Nancy Grace every night, the Anthony's are constantly working with authorities in trying to locate Caylee.

While the world is placing blame and protesters are working to destroy a family's reputation, spirit, and neighborhood, the entire Anthony family is fighting each and every day in search of their granddaughter: through local community missing children events, through driving hundreds of miles with the billboards (provided by Kid Finders Network), handing out thousands of fliers, following up on many leads, and they helped Equusearch's (during their brief visit) search even though it was stated [by a caller on Nancy Grace] they hadn't. In the midst of the search for Caylee and also being there for their daughter's issues, precious time that could be used in more search avenues is being used and exhausted by this family on protecting their home from the strangers on their front lawn. The wasted energy from these people needs to disappear, and I will ditto Dr. Phil's statement, "That is so wrong."

We must not forget Caylee Anthony is the innocent one in all of this. She deserves to be found and we believe that she is alive and was taken out of Florida on July 20th. Despite all of the evidence constantly building up on Casey Anthony [Caylee's mother] one must not forget, this is America and everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty and this includes Casey too.

The drama may continue but the search must be the priority. No matter how you feel about Casey, we must all support the Anthony's in this effort to bring Caylee home. "Being a part of the solution and not the problem" will be the best for everyone, so join our effort to Help Find Caylee today! Visit www.helpfindcaylee.com or www.helpfindcaylee.blogspot.com.