EquuSearch Coming Back to Orlando to Fight Baez Request

Posted Januar 9, 2009

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35, Orlando) -- Tim Miller of the Texas based search group Equusearch is headed to Central Florida again.

The group helped in the search for missing toddler Caylee Anthony last year. Using thousands of local volunteers the group scoured several areas searching for any clues or remains of the toddler who was missing from June until her remains were found by a utility worker in December.

In court Thursday, Jose Baez who represents Casey Anthony the mother of the toddler who is charged with Caylee’s murder, asked for several motions concerning evidence in the case. Among them Baez wants Miller to turn over the names of volunteers, maps and tips the group received while they searched. Miller said Friday that he plans to fight Baez.

"We have a very small office and we are volunteers,” Miller said. and we have got over 20,000 copies of paperwork and that is going to be very time consuming and costly."

Miller added that his primary concern is about the private information collected from and about volunteers saying.

"This is just not one of those things I want Baez to have is all the information of 4,000 plus volunteers that came out there,” Miller said. “I am having a huge problem with that."

Miller said he wants to at least be able to redact information to protect the people who volunteer. If not he said it could set a precedent all over the country and he said that would deter much needed volunteers from helping in future searches.

Miller’s Florida based lawyer, Mark NeJame said he is reviewing that motion. He added that he could be filing his own motion in court early next week.

A judge has not ruled on all of the Baez motions yet.