Casey Anthony: Former Boyfriend's Bombshell Supplies Late Drama

By Hal Boedeker | Orlando Sentinel
Posted May, 26 2011 7:23 PM

Things got mighty interesting at day's end in the Casey Anthony trial, the stations agreed.

"They saved all of the drama for the very, very end," WOFL-Channel 35 anchor Bob Frier said.

WOFL reporter Shannon Butler agreed in reporting on former Anthony boyfriend Tony Lazzaro talking about a secret without the jury present. "That secret that was told him by Casey Anthony was not that George Anthony actually abused her. She said it was Lee Anthony," Butler said.

Butler added in introducing the footage, "Now I cannot do this justice."

WKMG-Channel 6 anchor Lauren Rowe said, "It was interesting what happened at the very end of today before court was adjourned." She, too, pointed to Lazzaro's details about what Casey said about her brother. WKMG's Tony Pipitone explained that Lazzaro couldn't offer hearsay before the jury, but Chief Judge Belvin Perry wanted to hear Lazzaro's comments before deciding whether the jury should hear the testimony.

Lazzaro said he was shocked by Casey's comment about her brother, Lee, and quickly tried to change the subject.

WKMG legal analyst Mark NeJame predicted the defense would have a hard time getting in Lazzano's testimony. "The time line is vague, ambiguous and I'm not sure it really relates back to anything specific," NeJame said.

Pipitone said the defense "kept pointing the finger at George Anthony today, now raising questions about his connection to what the state calls the murder weapon, the duct tape." Casey Anthony is charged with first-degree murder in the death of her daughter, Caylee.

Judge O.H. Eaton Jr., WESH legal analyst, explained why the defense focused on the stolen gas cans. "They're trying to connect the duct tape on the gas can to George Anthony and infer from that that he had something to do with putting duct tape on the remains," Eaton said.

Mark Lippman, George's attorney, told WESH, "I think the defense was trying to bait him and it didn't work."

WESH's Bob Kealing said, "The jury paid close attention to George Anthony's testimony, which was sympathetic and believable."

How was defense attorney Jose Baez was handling cross examinations?

"I think Mr. Baez is doing a credible job today. He's stubbed his toe a couple of times, but he's recovered from it," WESH's Eaton said.

WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer focused on Baez's asking George Anthony why he was concerned with gas cans when Caylee was missing. George said he didn't know his granddaughter was missing. Sheaffer said that Baez's approach could be considered "sleazy."

WFTV's Kathi Belich highlighted that Judge Perry "admonished Baez repeatedly about asking improper questions and once even sent the jury out to do it."

WKMG's NeJame said the defense was playing with fire. "This judge has got a lot of authority over his courtroom, and he's going to be well respected by the jury," NeJame said. "When the jury sees him continually reprimand a lawyer, and that lawyer's not following his demands, it does not look for the lawyer and it passes on to the defendant."