George Anthony Interrupts News Conference

Posted 21 Aug 2009

Watch Video: George Anthony Interrupts News ConferenceORLANDO, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35) - "Mark I need to see you now right now. Now. Now. Now. Now. I need to see you right now," yelled George Anthony as he stood on the other side of the a glass door from where a news conference was held on Thursday. Anthony brought the event to a surprising halt.

Attorney Mark NeJame was speaking on behalf of his client, Texas Equusearch President Tim Miller. NeJame and Miller were showing aerial photographs of the area where Caylee Marie Anthony's remains were found in December, 2008.

There had been some question as to whether the ground was under water or not when Miller's group had volunteers looking around Suburban Drive in August and then again at the beginning of November. This news conference was part of their effort in trying to show get get their message across.

Tim Miller said the area where Caylee's remains were later found were under at least a foot and a half of water and that his searchers did not go within 200 feet of what was eventually the crime scene.

Miller said that because so much of the area they wanted to search was under water, he called off the Texas Equusearch efforts.

"I said my biggest fear is if she is deceased, they're looking for a tiny little skeleton," said Miller. "If it's under the water, we'll drive a 4-wheel drive over it or have a horse step on it and push it in the mud. We have to wait for the right conditions," he added. "When we came back in November, we didn't even search that area," said Miller, saying again that it was underwater.

George Anthony arrived just as the news conference was about to conclude. Moments after Anthony and NeJame went behind closed doors, Anthony's attorney Brad Conway appeared. He told FOX 35 that he was unsure of what was happening.

Conway had met with NeJame moments before the news conference began. The trio met for more than thirty minutes. When they came out, NeJame said it was all a big misunderstanding and that Casey Anthony's attorney, Jose Baez, called George Anthony and gave him misinformation about the news conference.

FOX 35 asked Anthony about what Baez told him. "You're going to have to ask Mr. Baez about that. All i can do is tell you I've always wanted to know what happened to my granddaughter and I stick with that. You guys don't understand the living hell we live through every single day wanting to know…how are we supposed to survive through this," said George Anthony.

George Anthony apologized to Mark NeJame for interrupting. NeJame accepted the apology, saying he would likely react in a similar manner if he were in George Anthony's shoes.