Anthonys' High-Profile Lawyer Calls George and Cindy "Victims"

Posted September 10, 2008

NeJame Calls George and Cindy ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. -- The high-profile Central Florida lawyer who now represents Caylee Anthony's grandparents says they are the victims and people are blurring the lines between the parents, George and Cindy, and their daughter, Casey.

"They have been maligned, misrepresented in the press, been vilified by the press, blogs, by individuals," said Mark NeJame. "People are forgetting that these are grieving parents."

NeJame spoke for the first time about the case to Eyewitness News before appearing on several national talk shows. He said he believes accusing George and Cindy is the worst form of judgment.

" Families are victims," said NeJame. "People have forgotten that I represent George and Cindy Anthony. I do not represent their daughter."

George Anthony faces two battery charges after he pushed two people off his lawn and into the street. NeJame said his client has a right to protect his property.

" Mr. Anthony thought that he had somebody on his property and he has the right to move them off of his property," said NeJame. "There is a vague line as to where they were. "

NeJame said there is no line of demarcation as to where the property line actually starts, and he had a final word for those he believes are making the Anthonys out to be suspects.

" Shame on you for vilifying this victim. You are part of the problem. You are not part of the solution," he said.

NeJame said George and Cindy are working with authorities, answering calls about possible sightings of the little girl, but they aren't digging up dirt looking for bones.

"They believe, they desperately believe that Caylee is still here and that's their right," he said.

There has been speculation of possible book deals with the Anthonys. NeJame said the family has no intentions of doing that. Also, he said the family did not pay one penny to bond their daughter out of jail last week, but they did sign a promissory note to look after her.

" If the person leaves, clearly the Anthonys don't have that net worth, but the bondsman will have something to go after and take everything they own," NeJame said.

Late Wednesday morning, Cindy Anthony released the following statement via email regarding their relationship with NeJame: "We went to Mark NeJame for assistance in dealing with our rights to privacy. Mark will be handling any of our legal questions and concerns. Larry Garrison is the Anthony family spokesperson. Larry and Mark will be working together as a team for the family. Larry and I have agreed to let Mark clear up any questions regarding his role in assisting us legally."