Judge Rules in Favor of Texas EquuSearch

By Jacqueline Fell and Mark Jenkins
Posted Tuesday, April 06, 2010 4:48:09 AM

ORLANDO -- New accusations are flying against Casey Anthony's defense team.

The attorney for Texas EquuSearch is describing Anthony's dream team of lawyers as "lazy and sloppy."

Anthony's lawyers wanted Judge Stan Strickland to grant them access to the names of every volunteer and all documents the group has relating to the search of Caylee Anthony. Defense attorneys said information the volunteer group is holding could clear their client.

But on Monday, Judge Strickland ruled Texas EquuSearch will not be forced to turn over information on its volunteers.

"Why are they so afraid to tell us what's out there? Why are they so afraid to tell us the truth and get to the bottom of this? If they're not concerned, they should open up the records and be done with it," said Jose Baez, Anthony's lead attorney.

Baez said he needs to look at all the records on people who volunteered with Texas EquuSearch to search for Caylee.

Mark NeJame, the lawyer for Texas EquuSearch, told Judge Strickland Anthony's lawyers have never bothered to depose the group's founder, Tim Miller, and is baffled that Anthony's lawyers said Miller isn't available.

The attorney for the non-profit search organization said "go ahead."

NeJame said his door has been open for months, but the defense has made no effort to come and review the 4,000 pages.

"It is beyond me. It's incredulous to suggest that there are bombshells and things have been hidden from them. Come by my office. Pay a visit," NeJame said.

"Case like this claims to be so important. Not to take the few hours it takes to review important documents... I'm bothered by that,"NeJame said.

The defense said they've uncovered information from searchers that could prove someone else left Caylee's body in the woods.

Baez said he has a bombshell e-mail written two days after Caylee's remains were finally found, which was never turned over to him. The alleged e-mail, sent more than a year ago, will come up again.

Baez said he just received it, and thinks it's a serious violation of court rules and said he might file what's called a Brady violation, meaning the prosecution has to disclose any information that might help the defense. Baez said the state didn't disclose this to him.

"Here you have someone who is a team leader, who's out there with two cadaver dogs at the location where Caylee's remains were found," Baez said. "What kind of exculpatory information is out there? Who knows."

NeJame said it isn't possible someone moved the body while Casey was in jail.

The majority of searchers have testified the area was underwater.

A lawyer from the State Attorney's Office did go to NeJame's office and review the files.

Legal experts said at least making the effort could improve the defense's case.

Meanwhile, Anthony's alleged pen pal letters will soon be made public.

An FDLE investigation reveals Anthony wrote dozens of letters to another inmate in the Orange County Jail.

The judge allowed the defense 15 days to review the letters.

Anthony's defense says they have nothing to hide.

"We're not concerned with anything in there," Baez said. "There's no admissions. If we move to keep them private, you guys are going to speculate all over the place as to what's in there. You're going to find if you look at them in the context there of a person who's locked up 23 hours a day."

There's no word on when the letters will be released.