Judge in Casey Anthony Case rules on Texas Equusearch Records

By Drew Petrimoulx
Posted August 27, 2009

Judge Stan Strickland has ruled on a defense request for records from Texas Equusearch, a volunteer group that helped look for Caylee Anthony last summer.

There's been an ongoing disagreement between Casey's defense and lawyers for Equusearch over which search records are relevant to the murder case.

The defense demanded the search group hand over the records of thousands of searchers.

Equusearch argued only 32 volunteers got within 200 yards of where Caylee was found, something Casey defense disputes.

The compromise, ruled the judge, is to allow Casey's defense access to search records at the law office of Mark NeJame (lawyer for Equusearch).

If they find additional searchers that were in the immediate proximity of where Caylee's remains were found they can present the evidence to the court. The judge will then determine "materiality, relevance and possible disclosure."


Equusearch must hand over the records of the 32 previously mentions volunteer immediately

Tim Miller has agreed to give a sworn deposition to Casey's "at a mutually convenient time between the parties.