'The Liberation Of Casey Anthony's Mouth': A Line To Remember

By Hal Boedeker
Posted January, 8 2013

The Liberation of Casey Anthony's Mouth: a Line to RememberMark NeJame, legal analyst for Central Florida News 13, provided memorable commentary after the Casey Anthony appeal ended Tuesday afternoon.

One NeJame line stood out. News 13 anchor Jackie Brockington wanted to know how the appeal would affect the civil case - Zenaida Gonzalez's defamation suit - against Anthony.

The appeal won't matter, NeJame said, "except for the liberation of Casey Anthony's mouth. She is going to have to talk at some point in the civil case, once this case is over, whichever direction it goes in."

Anthony's attorneys are appealing her four misdemeanor convictions of lying to law enforcement.

Anthony was not at the hearing at the Fifth District Court of Appeal in Daytona Beach. Attorney Lisabeth Fryer did all the speaking for Anthony's side while Cheney Mason watched.

"Basically, the defense is trying to throw out all the convictions by saying that Casey Anthony was in custody at all times she was questioned . and was never read her Miranda rights," NeJame said. "The issue becomes was she in custody and did the police have an obligation to have read her her Miranda warnings."

NeJame predicted it would be several weeks before the three-judge panel rules in the appeal. He noted the matter-of-fact way the judges treated the Anthony appeal. "Just because this garnered a lot of press attention, they're going to make it a point to treat it like every other case," NeJame said.

On the defamation suit, NeJame explained that the civil case had stalled because Anthony has Fifth Amendment privileges in the appeal. Once the appeal is over, Anthony won't have any Fifth Amendment protections, NeJame added.