Local Attorney Looks Ahead To Anthony Trial
NeJame Believes Anthony Team Will Look For Liberals

Posted March 13, 2009

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Lawyers on both sides of the Casey Anthony case skirmished over motions at a hearing in court on Thursday, but the big fight will be at the murder trial itself.

Judge Stan Strickland refused to sanction prosecutors for not telling a defense expert that trash and other items were removed from Casey Anthony's car. However, Strickland granted a motion to keep a suicide note written by George Anthony private.

The first part of the trial could be the most critical, which is when a jury will be picked. Noted defense attorney Mark NeJame has been picking juries for 28 years.

"You have drama and passion almost unparalleled," he said.

NeJame said he thinks Casey's team will look for a juror who is liberal and thinks out of the box.

"Someone who is open to other alternatives social services," he said. "Somebody who has had a lot of real-life experiences."

NeJame said the prosecution wants the opposite -- a conservative, someone who thinks in a straight line -- like an engineer who might latch onto the forensic evidence.

"Generally a prosecution is going to look for somebody who is more law enforcement-oriented or victim-oriented and someone appalled about the accusations," NeJame said.

He also said that the prosecution will be very interested in women with children.

"To whom would understand and find the allegations deplorable," NeJame said.

Both sides will have to be on the lookout for people who want to be on the jury to get their 15 minutes of fame now or later by writing a book, NeJame said.

He said the bottom line is that Casey Anthony deserves a fair trial.

"People need to remember they should hope she gets a fair trial," he said. "Because if she doesn't, you will be seeing this again for trial number two and trial number three."