Mark NeJame Hired As Legal Analyst By CNN

By Hal Boedeker
Posted April, 9 2012 7:56 PM

Prominent Orlando attorney Mark NeJame hired as a CNN AnalystProminent Orlando attorney Mark NeJame has a new job in addition to his law firm: CNN has hired him to be a legal analyst and commentator. He started Monday.

"I'm just honored to be with CNN," NeJame said. "I consider it to be extremely credible."

He will give his opinions on CNN and HLN. He appeared with Vinnie Politan on Monday night, and NeJame is scheduled to be on CNN in the 7 a.m. hour Tuesday.

NeJame offered legal analysis for WKMG-Channel 6 during the Casey Anthony trial. But his new deal means no more appearances on the CBS affiliate.

NeJame also will be a writer on And he will weigh in on the Trayvon Martin case, as he did Monday night. NeJame said the special prosecutor's decision not to use a grand jury was not unexpected.

How does NeJame feel about the new job? "It feels good. I really like sharing," he said. "I like to believe I'm balanced in my opinions. Apparently people have embraced the way I have handled things."

He added that the role of the attorney has changed in the media age and that the ability to talk to the media is one weapon in an attorney's arsenal.