High Profile Attorney Mark NeJame Resigns from Representing Cindy and George Anthony

By Sarah Lundy | Sentinel Staff Writer
Posted 5:13 PM EST, November 20, 2008

High profile attorney Mark NeJame no longer represents George and Cindy Anthony.

He resigned today and issued this statement to the Orlando Sentinel.

NeJame said he feels for the Anthonys but said he can't be much help if they don't take his advice.

"My heart goes out to them, but I continue to spend my energy and time addressing things that might not needed to be addressed if I had better control of the case," he said.

But, he added the Anthonys are doing what "they believe they need to do to find their granddaughter."

George and Cindy Anthony could not be reached for comment Thursday.

Kid Finders Network, a missing-child organization, released a statement by the couple.

"We appreciate the time and energy that Mr. NeJame and his law firm has dedicated to representing us in the last several months," George and Cindy Anthony said. "We respect Mr. NeJame's decision to resign as our representative as we agree that he can no longer benefit us in our quest to find our missing granddaughter Caylee Marie."

NeJame's decision comes a week after he helped expose a California man who was allegedly helping the Anthonys as a family spokesman. NeJame released a invoice from NBC-Dateline that showed Larry Garrison pocketed $6,500 – without the Anthonys' knowledge – to arrange a network interview with the couple.

In September, he helped calm Web bloggers who attacked the Anthonys for "making money" off donations made to a trust fund set up for the search for Caylee. NeJame arranged for the trust-fund documents to be released to show the $2,500 balance and only $500 had been used to pay for Caylee t-shirts.

Orlando-based missing-children's organization Never Lose Hope Foundation hired NeJame for $5,000 to help George and Cindy Anthony.

The couple were struggling in the media spotlight as they defended their daughter against accusations she has lied about what happened to Caylee. News cameras have captured George Anthony shoving protesters on his property and Cindy Anthony yelling at reporters while wielding a hammer.

"I think they have been maligned by many who have no idea of what is really going on," NeJame said Thursday.

Source: Orlando Sentinel