DATE November 10, 2016

US Immigration Attorney With NeJame Law, urges President-elect Trump to Turn to Positive Rhetoric and Move Forward on Immigration Reform

Orlando/Florida – a Florida Bar certified immigration expert at NeJame Law and former Orlando Regional Vice-Chair of American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), called on President-elect Trump to turn to a more productive discussion and to work with Congressional leaders on both sides of the aisle to move forward on immigration reform.

"For far too long, American families and businesses have been hobbled by our outdated immigration laws," Attorney Ahmed said. He continued. "In Florida we've seen families torn apart, people living in fear, businesses unable to fill workforce needs, and communities where trust in law enforcement has faded. It is past time for an overhaul of immigration laws and policies put in place more than a generation ago; updating our immigration system will benefit us all.

"Shahzad Ahmed urges our Senators, and our Representatives in Washington, DC, to work on comprehensive immigration reform. "Immigrants are already contributing to our communities but with changes to the law we can easily increase our shared prosperity. Thus far our nation has failed to find a workable solution to the problems faced by immigrants, businesses, employers, and state and local governments. With the end to this election cycle, we encourage bipartisan efforts toward real change that helps everyone" said Attorney Ahmed.