Protesters Loom as Anthony Arrives at Jail
Attorney Says Anthony's Parents 'Devastated'

Posted October 15, 2008

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Protesters at the Orange County Jail proclaimed that Casey Anthony's arrest on Tuesday is justice for her daughter, Caylee.

Members of the Anthony family said they were devastated by the seven-count indictment

But Anthony was led to jail in handcuffs and showed no expression at all.

Orange County sheriff's detectives said Anthony didn't turn herself in as promised, but she didn't flee, either.

Anthony rode with her mother before getting into a bail bondsman's car, but deputies following her ran out of patience and took her into custody themselves.

Anthony was brought to the Orange County Sheriff's Office for questioning. Sources said she didn't say much without her attorney.

"I have no statements to make at this time, " Attorney Jose Baez said.

Baez arrived about 90 minutes later, and he also didn't comment on the arrest.

Detectives said neither provided any new information on Caylee's whereabouts, so a short time later, an FBI agent and homicide investigator transferred Anthony to jail.

" I think it's way over time, " a protester said.

As the car Anthony was riding in arrived at the jail, protesters clashed with a lone supporter who had supported her from the start.

" For one final time, I came to let her know that I support her," Calani Bowles said.

"I believe Casey murdered her child, " protester Carol Fritchey said.

Anthony's parents were shaken by their daughter's arrest.

"They are devastated. They're just raw, " Attorney Mark NeJame said.

Their daughter is behind bars. Their granddaughter remains missing and presumed dead, and NeJame said they're sorting through lies about what happened.

"They know, over time, there's been some misrepresentation. I think they're just desperate to know the truth," NeJame said.

At a news conference at Baez's office earlier on Tuesday, Casey Anthony showed rare emotion, wiping away tears as she stood next to Baez, who maintained that Casey Anthony will provide an explanation in the end.

"Everyone shouldn't jump to conclusions and automatically conclude that a person is guilty until proven innocent," Baez said.

Orange County Sheriff Kevin Beary said the indictment isn't a victory until Caylee is recovered.

A representative for Baez said she had every intention of turning herself in after the indictment and said detectives knew that.