Request for EquuSearch Records Denied

By Jacqueline Fell
Posted January 31, 2009

The area around the Orlando courthouse was filled to capacity as Casey Anthony returned to court Friday morning.

Judge Stan Strickland ruled Casey Anthony would have to appear in court Friday and at all future court hearings held in the case.

Motions Addressed At Friday's Hearing

  • Trial Date Status
  • Defendant's Motion To Inspect Crime Scene
  • Defendant's Amended Application For Subpoena Duces Tecum
  • State Of Florida's Motion To Strike Defense Witness List
  • Emergency Motion To Recuse

Right off the bat, the judge denied a motion regarding kicking all of the prosecutors off the case.

Anthony's attorneys were arguing prosecutors’ leaks to the media damaged their client's right to a fair trial. Anthony’s defense team wanted to know why someone from the state attorney's office filed a complaint about attorney Jose Baez to the Florida Bar.

The judge did grant a request for Anthony's lawyers to inspect the scene where Casey's 2-year-old daughter was found dead last month, even though the man who owns the land hasn't given his specific permission

The judge turned down a request by Jose Baez to force Texas EquuSearch to turn over records on thousands of volunteers who searched for Caylee, as well as information on exactly where they looked. The judge said he didn't have the jurisdiction to issue the request.

"What kind of chilling effect does it have to have 4,000 people have their personal record disclosed to the world and what does that say to other charities who have volunteers that one day maybe all of their information will be made public,” said Texas EquuSearch attorney Mark NeJame.

It may be several more months before Anthony's trial begins. Prosecutors said they need more time to prepare their case.