Woman Uses Dog In Protest Outside Anthony Home

Posted September 10, 2008 10:42:37 PM

ORLANDO -- There has been yet another twist in the already twisted case surrounding the disappearance of 3-year-old Caylee Anthony.

On Wednesday, lawyers for the toddler's mother, Casey Anthony, filed a motion asking the court to preserve any forensic evidence so it cannot be destroyed and can be available for retesting at a later date.

Meanwhile, trespassing continues to be the issue between the Anthonys and protestors.

On Wednesday, a half-dozen sheriff's deputies were called to the Anthony home after a woman showed up with her St. Bernard and a large sign that read, "I wouldn't let my dog go missing for one month without looking."

" If my dog was missing, I would check with the Humane Society, I would check with the pound, call your family and friends to help look, and [Casey] doesn't do any of those things, so this is kind of the point I'm making," said Liz Pounds.

Attorney Mark NeJame said this is exactly the kind of behavior neither George nor Cindy Anthony could ever have prepared themselves to deal with.

NeJame said he's been brought in by the family to help them handle the media circus and protesters.

“A lot of loonies showing up people, bringing 3-year-old children, talking about body parts and dead babies. It's really reprehensible," said NeJame.