George Zimmerman Case: Lawyers Trade Heated Motions

By Jeff Allen | Reporter
Posted March 29, 2013

SANFORD -- News 13 legal analyst Mark NeJame says the back and forth jabs between attorneys in the George Zimmerman case appear to be getting personal, which could have an outcome on the case.

In a state response filed Thursday, Assistant State Attorney Bernie de la Rionda uses a scene from Shakespeare's "Macbeth" to describe Zimmerman's defense.

"[A] walking shadow, a poor player That struts and frets his hour upon the stage."

It's part of a scathing response by the Zimmerman case prosecutor to the defense attorney's motion asking for prosecution to be sanctioned because of prosecutorial misconduct.

"He believes that he was basically defamed, accused of prosecutorial misconduct, which is the worst thing you can accuse a prosecutor of," said NeJame.

Zimmerman's defense accuses the state of withholding that their star witness, the young woman believed to be Trayvon Martin's girlfriend, lied under oath when she said the reason she wasn't at Trayvon's funeral is because she was at the hospital.

"I think it hurts the state's case, because if she's a key witness, and her credibility is under attack, then there's really not a lot left standing," said NeJame.

But in the state's response, de la Rionda writes, "whether the witness attended the victim's funeral has nothing to do with (Zimmerman) being the person who caused the funeral to happen."

"For the state it's imperative for them to always have this position of strength, and security, and not look like they're getting rattled, and by this response it looks like they're getting rattled," said NeJame.

Late Friday afternoon, Zimmerman's defense described the state's response by saying, "while pointed, has little substance that addresses the very serious motion we have before the Court."