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The defense lawyers at NeJame Law have thousands of hours of criminal defense experience in dealing with virtually every variety of violent crimes. The Criminal Defense Division of our Orlando based law firm is dedicated to providing our very best representation to those arrested or being investigated for battery which is considered a crime of violence. In the State of Florida, the Legislature has significantly increased the penalties and the period of incarceration for certain types of violent crimes as a reaction to the public outcry for protection of victim's rights and the fear of violent crimes among much of the public. As such, it is essential to have a criminal defense attorney who is not only experienced and knowledgeable with all the appropriate laws and penalties, but to also to have a lawyer who is familiar with and able to analyze, evaluate and apply any and all legal defenses that one accused of a battery crime may utilize. Some defenses may include; self-defense, mistaken identity, consent, lack of intent, lack of knowledge, alibi, untruthful witnesses, or a dishonest purported victim. Our Firm offers powerful and appropriately aggressive representation to people who are accused with a battery crime and need a strong defense attorney to guide and represent them through their legal challenges.

Types of Battery Offenses

  • Battery - Actually and intentionally touching or striking another person against the will of the other; or intentionally causing bodily harm to another person.
  • Aggravated Battery - In committing battery a person intentionally or knowingly causes great bodily harm, permanent disability, or permanent disfigurement; or uses a deadly weapon.
  • Battery upon a law enforcement officer - Actually and intentional touching or striking of a law enforcement officer against their will; or intentionally causing bodily injury to a law enforcement officer. The term "law enforcement officer" includes a law enforcement officer, a correctional officer, a correctional probation officer, a part-time law enforcement officer, a part-time correctional officer, an auxiliary law enforcement officer, and an auxiliary correctional officer, and any county probation officer; an employee or agent of the Department of Corrections who supervises or provides services to inmates; an officer of the Parole Commission; a federal law enforcement officer; and law enforcement personnel of the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, the Department of Environmental Protection, or the Department of Law Enforcement.

A simple battery can be upgraded to a felony if the defendant has a prior battery conviction or even a withhold of adjudication.

Experienced Orlando Battery Defense Attorney

If you are arrested for battery, aggravated battery, or battery on a law enforcement officer in Orlando, Central Florida, Melbourne or anywhere in Florida, there is always an experienced, knowledgeable and appropriately aggressive Central Florida battery defense lawyer at NeJame Law available to assist and defend you. Call us 7 days a week at (407) 500-0000. You may also fill out our online form or e-mail us at and we will contact you shortly. We value your privacy and will keep any information strictly confidential.