Post Conviction Relief

Post Conviction Relief in Orlando and Throughout Florida

Post Conviction Relief in Orlando FloridaA motion for Post Conviction relief is usually a person's last resort to overturn a criminal conviction or be released from prison after a direct appeal has not been successful. An Orlando post conviction attorney from our NeJame Law can help you in evaluating whether you have grounds for relief after a trial or after all appeals have been exhausted.

The most common grounds upon which post conviction relief is sought are:

  • The original trial or appellate attorney was ineffective;
  • The defense has discovered new evidence that was not known at the time of the trial that could exonerate the defendant;
  • The defendant's guilty plea was not freely and voluntarily made;
  • The defendant is now subject to deportation and removal from the U.S. due to a criminal conviction;
  • The Defendant's conviction was prohibited by double jeopardy.

Post Conviction motions must be filed within a specific time frame or they cannot be heard by the court, regardless of whether or not the defendant would have prevailed on the merits. There are very limited exceptions, such as newly discovered evidence which could not have been known about previously. The procedures and process for filing and litigating Post Conviction motions can be complicated and complex, so it is very important to have a knowledgeable and skilled attorney to handle the process.

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