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  • We would highly recommend NeJame law to anyone that asked!
    My wife and I turned to NeJame Law when we got married and needed an immigration attorney to assist with the immigration process. We were pleased with how well we were treated and how easy our attorney made the entire process. We would highly recommend NeJame law to anyone that asked!

    - O.H.

  • Went Above and Beyond
    Extremely happy with the professional service provided by Mrs. Rosa C. Melia-Acevedo and Ms. Maria Marques. They handled my H1B application process very efficiently and delivered what they promised in a timely manner. All my doubts and concerns were addressed within 24 hours or lesser. They also went above and beyond in sorting out the complications that arose in regards to my application for an H1B.

    - P.A.

  • Thank you NeJame Law!
    We hired NeJame Law a while ago while living in Orlando. We needed help obtaining a visa for my two brothers and NeJame Law was recommended to me by a close friend. Mr. Frank Symphorien was assigned to our case. He was always straight forward and let us know, up front, the difficulties we would be facing. As the months passed both Mr. Symphorien and his assistant, Nelly, were available for answering our questions and concerns. We received the approval last Friday... we can't be happier! We will be finally together. It has been a long journey... with a happy ending! Thank you NeJame Law!

    - Carolina T.

  • Best Immigration Attorney in Orlando
    I contacted NeJame Law few years ago looking for advice on a very complicated Asylum case.. Frank was pointed out to do my consultation.. Right from the beginning Frank engaged with my situation and was prompt to find a way to help, my case is a very particular immigration case on a verge of deportation.. Frank didn't give up and found a way to stop my deportation, my case still far from being resolve due to our broken immigration system although I feel confident by having Frank as my attorney. Frank is not only an amazing counselor, he is very knowledgeable and honest, he's work ethic is impeccable and he will NEVER give up on you.. Frank saved my life and I am forever grateful for that.

    - Cath

  • Upfront & Tactful

    We were lucky enough to have retained John Zielinksi for his services representing our small local business. He was on the ball from the moment we spoke, keeping us informed throughout the entire process, always making us feel as though we were his only clients. He was very upfront, tactful, and was able to achieve the best possible results we could have hoped for in a very short amount of time. His expertise and thoroughness, no doubt had much to do with this, and we were truly satisfied from beginning to end. If you are looking for an attorney who truly has your best interest at heart, is creative in approach, and is highly communicative, I highly recommend John and his team. He is great at what he does and it really shows, making what could have been a very stressful experience, a very pleasant one. Thanks, John!

    - L.E.

  • Organized & Professional

    I was represented by Mr. Kenneth D. Morse, for Relocation with Child. During my first appointment with Mr. Morse, he was very understanding regarding my situation. He immediately provided excellent advice and guidance on how I should proceed with my case. A passionate and caring lawyer who was always available before and after work hours and even on weekends when I needed his advice. He delivered my case in an organized and professional manner. I'm very thankful to Mr. Morse and his team's effort in contributing to my relocation. Without a doubt, I would definitely recommend him to my family and friends!

    - T.J.

  • I Can't Thank You Enough

    Eric Barker is a genuine soul. He dismissed a case I thought was going to haunt me forever..... Any charges for child situations that's the man to see. God bless you always and forever...... By the way, his secretary Lisa is on point with everything too. I can't thank you enough.

  • Forever Have My Gratitude

    THE MOST brilliant, and dedicated professionals I ever met… the BEST decision of my life (and should be yours too)! I have engaged in a very complex Civil matter with my employer a Celebration-based Cruise Line (a subsidiary of probably the largest entertainment and theme park conglomerate in the world) regarding age discrimination, an extremely hostile workplace, and many other legal matters related to the same. I was referred to NeJame Law by a long-time close friend, a brilliant Attorney “Of Counsel” to NeJame Law, Matthew R. Gross who I admire, trust, and respect. The Honorable Mark NeJame is widely known “to hate bullies” and I was up against some very nasty ones. I was very skeptical because of the size and influence of “the Rat”; however, Attorney Andrew C. Hill was not intimidated by them at all. Attorney Hill worked diligently day and night on my case, I have emails he would send for my review date and time stamped at 02:47 am, he literally worked “around the clock” on my case. He was thorough, prompt, and dedicated to my case and made me feel as though I was his most important client and was always available and accessible to me; even outside normal business hours via. his cell phone and email, Attorney Hill is a tremendous advocate and I cannot over-emphasize enough his total command of the Law – he outsmarted them at every turn. Also, part of the team was John Zielinski another super accomplished attorney whose command of the law left me speechless. I am not a celebrity – I am an everyday working man however I felt as if I had my own “dream team” of Attorneys. If I was a celebrity or multimillionaire the NeJame Law Firm would still be my FIRST and ONLY choice. I turn 50 this year so I have life experience and I have dealt with law firms and attorneys in the past; I can tell you that never in my life have I been so excellently represented. I am compelled to honor the man responsible for it all, the honorable Mark NeJame. While I never had the privilege of meeting him in person he was actively involved in my case and oversaw everything; I don’t know how he does it, with such a large and successful firm, celebrity clients, television expert speaking engagements, charitable work, a family, but he does. He knows the most minute details of every case his firm is handling and the Honorable Mark NeJame (my personal hero) is the culmination of greatness. He hand-selects his Partner attorneys and is active and aware in every case and HE CARES! You see many “talking heads” on television touting the commitment of their firms and their proposed compassion, until I went to NeJame Law I never met a team of dedicated professionals that actually lived up to their hype. The Honorable Mark NeJame is the real deal – he is irreplaceable and Orlando should be proud, grateful and honored that he is a part of our community and despite his phenomenal success he remains grounded and still cares so passionately about his clients. My personal reflection is that one day soon Attorney’s Hill and Zielinski will be elevated from their current status as Full Partners to Sr. Partners, they both share Mark NeJame’s beliefs and visions and I would hope one day the Honorable Mark NeJame would consider running for public office. He would make Florida a better place to live, work and call home as Governor where his ethics, compassion, and desire for equal treatment under the law would benefit all Floridians. If you would like a more personal reference than what is posted I give full authorization to NeJame Law to release my contact information and I would be more than willing to offer my personal recommendation. I will be hiring the NeJame Law firm to complete my case in the fall and I would never go to anyone other than Andrew, John, or the honorable Mr. NeJame. For they shall forever have my gratitude for ensuring justice for everyone – and they are not intimidated by anyone. Respectfully submitted, Anthony McHugh

    - A.M.

  • The process was extremely seamless.
    I am very happy that I chose NeJame Law to handle my car accident case. I have a very busy work schedule & she worked with me to accommodate. Someone met me at my office to go over the paperwork & fill it out, set up appointments for me with a recommended chiropractor, handled everything with my insurance company/medical bills in the background, & kept me updated regularly via email as I requested. The process was extremely seamless & didn't add any additional stress to my life. It basically felt like I had a personal assistant helping me through every single part of the process. Once treatment was over, they negotiated a settlement much higher than the initial expectation & also helped get my medical costs reduced. The end result is me very happy. Thank you for making this stressful event in my life easier to manage.

    - J.O.

  • Highly Recommend

    Disney sued my dad for petty theft in tips, really.... they have spent thousands of dollars just to sue a person just to devastate him. That money to sue someone could have bought food hundreds of poor people for a year. My dad doesn't even understand English well, nor did he comprehend fully, all he understood was by clicking a button there would be more tips. Mr. Barker got this case dismissed, all my dad has to do is pay a court cost and, the fine total amount of $378.00. My dad got his dignity back, thanks to Mr. Barker's ability to connect with the right people and his extensive knowledge in the criminal law field.

    - W.N.

  • Honest, Credible, Knowledgeable

    I was referred to Mr. Barker by a close friend as the best Attorney for my legal case. I was charged with a DUI and 3 counts of resisting arrest with violence which was completely false. Mr. Barker took his time to hear me out without prejudging and he saw exactly what took place. Thus Mr. Barker was able to get ALL of my charges thrown out and I don't have a blemish on my record. I highly recommend anyone who is looking for an honest, credible, knowledgeable, and firm attorney to defend them to give Mr. Barker a call ASAP...

    - Anonymous

  • Awesome & Caring Lawyer

    Mr. Barker went above and beyond for me in my DUI case. I was worried about my entire life falling apart and he made sure that didn't happen. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of an awesome, caring lawyer!

    - Anonymous

  • High-Quality Representation
    My son got charged with 5x Attempted Murder and 5x Aggravated Assault. I have spoken to many Super Lawyers while shopping around for the best representation that I can get for my son across the State of Florida. A few of the Super Lawyers indicated just like Mr. Lafay indicated that this case has to go to trial. Mr. Lafay's rate in comparison with the other Super Lawyers was unbelievable for the experience and very high-quality work that was laid out in the courtroom time after time. The State and Police Officers were both very much under very heavy pressure from day one. Mr. Lafay left no stone unturned, everything was examined and presented in getting this case ready for trial. This case was definitely worked to the fullest by Mr. LaFay. For the rate that Mr. LaFay charges I still can’t believe it for the very high-quality representation. For a lawyer that doesn’t mislead and actually tries his very best for you Mr. Lafay is the man!!!

    - M.

  • 5 Very High Stars

    I did my homework. I met with numerous DUI attorneys and ended up picking this law office. Great attorneys do everything they can to make sure that your case gets reduced. All of the attorneys that I met with on consultations told me that my case was pretty bad. Yet this firm did what all the attorneys told me could not be done and got my charges reduced drastically. This law firm gets 5 very high stars.

    - J.L.

  • Always Available

    My brother referred me to Mr. Eric Baker to help resolve my case for domestic violence. Despite the COVID19, Mr. Eric stayed after office hours to meet up with me and he answered all the questions and did not rush me at all. Although I was so worried about the case, my lawyer told me not to worry and surely helped me ease my mind. The case was dropped way before the court date. I want to thank him so much for helping me with my case. Only wished he would’ve remembered about my husband's case and now I’m a little scared for him but pray for the best. I hired NeJame law after my car accident. Mary and Brittany were wonderful. They took their time explaining things to me and were always available if I had any questions.

    - Anonymous

  • He Will Fight For Your Freedom

    Eric Barker is not the typical Lawyer who would say don't worry it's going to be fine. He's the type of lawyer who directly tells you the pros and cons and works the case from each and every angle day and night for the sake of God and your freedom. I Guarantee he will fight your case as if he was fighting for his own freedom. I've used Eric Barker for two felony cases facing multiples charges Facing 30 years with a minimum mandatory of 15 years in State prison in 2010 and One on Aggravated assault with a Deadly Weapon and Battery touch or Strike in 2018. In the first one, I was charged with Trafficking Opiates over 28 grams walked out with 6-year probation then lowered to 3-year probation with good behavior. On the next charge I was falsely being accused of a crime I did not commit 4 witnesses falsely accusing me of a crime I did not commit one of the witnesses being a police officer and my lawyer fought the case to its truth bottom line. If you are Truly innocent or made a mistake, or in need of the best lawyer who will win your case free out of jail this is the lawyer you want and need. May God help you all with the help of Eric Barker you shall and will win.

    - C.H.

  • Amazing

    My driver's license was suspended for an accident I was in almost 3 yrs ago. I had coverages at the time and attempted to show proof at the DMV and have the situation resolved myself, to no avail. Attorney Balani made 2 phone calls and within 48 hrs my license was restored without my having to pay a dime of the near $5,000 Tallahassee was ordering me to pay. She is amazing and I don’t know what I would have done without her!!!!!

    - S.S.

  • Wish I Could Give More Stars

    I hired Eric for my Dad's driving with no license case. My dad was in big trouble but Eric guided us so well and professionally. He saved him from charges and any sentence. Nothing came on his record, only court charges and what we paid. I recommend him if you looking for an attorney and I also thank his team. They all are so professional I wish I could give him more stars...

    - J.

  • More Than We Expected

    To the people who are seeking a lawyer of action and good results, look no more you have found him. Attorney Eric Barker is a very calm and dedicated council in other words be patient with him he's one of the best. On behalf of the Ulysse family and friends we simply want to say we're grateful to you Attorney Barker for defended our nephew on his drug charges of which you did excellent more than we expected, THANK YOU.

  • A True Legal Advocate

    I hired Jaya Balani on two occasions when she was relatively unknown in the early part of her career at NeJame Law Firm. My son was accused of a crime he didn't commit and on another occasion, his soon-to-be ex-wife was filing domestic violence charges against him. Jaya is available 24/7, she is strategic, organized, reassuring, thorough, patient, resourceful, compassionate, and honest. Jaya made one phone call to former Judge Belvin Perry (before he retired) and explained the mistaken identity for the crime he didn't commit (as my son had been in there almost 5 days and no one would listen) and my son was out of org county jail in 1 hr! The other case of domestic violence was dropped as Jaya discredited the ex-wife and exposed her lies. Also, I want to note that Jaya is not all about the money as she discounted our fees, but is about justice. To this day, if we need anything, we can call her and she remembers you and asks about the family, etc. A true legal advocate.

    - S.E. and M.J.

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