Questions Surround Pot Legalization in Florida



Published on April 15, 2013 - Channel 13 News

Criminal defense attorney and Central Florida News 13 Legal Analyst Mark NeJame comments on the efforts being made to allow you to smoke medical marijuana in the State of Florida. Growing and smoking marijuana is against Federal law. Mark NeJame talks about the difference between the amount of medical marijuana that an individual would have for personal consumption and the amount needed to be prosecuted federally:

"And that trumps any state law that legalizes marijuana. Right now there are efforts allowing you to smoke medical marijuana in the state of Florida. State senator Jeff Clemmons introduced a bill just last week. If passed it would mean you could smoke marijuana if you have been medically diagnosed with one of many medical conditions. Anything from chronic back pain to depression. The US Drug Enforcement Administration is against such efforts, saying, “smoked marijuana has not withstood the rigors of science-it’s not medicine, and it is not safe. Growing and smoking marijuana is against federal law but a representative with the DEA says they don’t go after individual users. We talked about that with our legal analyst Mark NeJame. Federal cases are big cases, multiple, multiple kilos. A representative of DEA office says there are no set guidelines on who they prosecute. But say it’s normally someone caught with at least 1,000 plants. The amount of medical marijuana that an individual would have of personal consumption relative to the threshold that the FED’s wouldn’t ever prosecute a marijuana case they’re just two different things. That being said keep in mind that any form of marijuana is illegal in Florida. Still the debate continues two sides with strong opinions. If it helps relieve you. If it helps anyone why not?  Its going too far. I believe it’s a drug. You know once you break down one thing you know what follows but on the other hand we have to be reasonable. You’re not going to stop it, is it any different from the prohibition? In Orlando I’m Margret Cavanaugh for News 13. At you’ll find more details on the bill that would legalize medical marijuana in Florida. You’ll also see why the federal government believes marijuana should remain illegal."